So here we go…. 1st C

Hey guys, so let me introduce myself. I’m Loty and I’m currently in a long distance relationship and want to share my highs and lows as we hit nearly 1 year mark! Yeay! So 1st things first the distance, I’m in the UK and he is all the way in the US. I wanted to write a blog to share what we do to pass through the time and stages from the first webcam message to the first kiss and to the hard goodbyes from our 1st meeting. And to also write as i love to do! And also include every day Loty things!


I love to tweet but recently, the internet has been harsh on some people and they are dropping like flies. I find a handful of my followers go weekly and I was curious if anyone else has seen this or come about this. Does this mean that the platform is going down? I hope not it’s my outlet in life.


Books Galore 😁

This is my happy place. A place where I can write what’s on my mind and be myself. I love it and I’m so glad to have amazing people like you guys follow my every step.

That being said I’ve managed to write and finish my first book and I’m super proud of it and I couldn’t have done it without pushing myself and for that I thank you all for the firm kick.

For Now, I wait in suspense and relax with a nice brew and a good few books. Happy Tuesday all.



That’s the only title I could really think of. I’ve had very minimal sleep and the people came to fix the air conditioning unit and went off somewhere so now I’m sat in a freezing cold apartment just waiting.

How’s your day been guys?

Hope you all have a fab evening.


It’s 90 Outside And The A.C. Is Broken


This is awful. Back home I wouldn’t have this issue, I could just walk to a colder room of the house. Over here though everywhere is so freaking warm and humid in the summer. So I set the unit to a nice 64 and nothing. So I try again, nothing. It’s broken!!

After a lovely call from the landlord, we have to wait for it to be fixed. Tonns of water and fans blowing from the windows is how I’m coping today.

Have a great Saturday all.


The Broken Web?!

It’s been a blag of a morning. I haven’t slept with the neighbours moving and banging all morning then to make matters worse, the internet doesn’t want to work. So I’m typing as fast as I can hoping a glimpse of signal shows and I can relax and try get it fixed.

Happy Tuesday all!