So here we go…. 1st C

Hey guys, so let me introduce myself. I’m Lyndsey and I’m currently in a long distance relationship and want to share my highs and lows as we hit nearly 1 year mark! Yeay! So 1st things first the distance, I’m in the UK and he is all the way in the US. I wanted to write a blog to share what we do to pass through the time and stages from the first webcam message to the first kiss and to the hard goodbyes from our 1st meeting. And to also write as i love to do! And also include every day Lyndsey things!

Thankfulness Challenge Day 22

Today has been a mix up of a day and has had me running all around trying to get last bits done and ends tied.

Today I have to say I’m super thankful for the NHS, they don’t get enough positive press and we are so lucky to have the NHS in the UK. So thank you for all the nurses and doctors working against the clock to save people’s lives. And for this I am super grateful as a close friends Mum fights daily. Please hold her in your hearts. With the NHS she can do this!

Thankfulness Challenge Day 21

We are officially 3 weeks into 2018. Feeling quite myself today so let’s hope it lasts.

Today I am thankful for the warmth and lovingness some people bring into my life. My other half particularly as he does anything and everything to make me smile or to make sure I’m happy.

And he did me pictures that I love….

Thankfullness Challenge Day 20

Today marks the 20th day of 2018 and what better way than to spend it with a family get together. By this I mean a get together with food and giggles. Which is what we all need at the moment. With time physically standing still, we find ourselves seperated and never visiting.

Time is precious, Use it wisely.

Why No-one Trusts Me To Be Their Alarm Clock

So I have been so manic I still haven’t amended the 3 posts that I promised so I apologise.

It made me laugh as my timing is amazingly off. My ‘5 minutes’ can take up to 2 months. If ‘I’ll call you in an hour’ I’ll nap and then call the day after apologising. Don’t even leave me a time unless I set several alarms before it and several hours after.

It’s funny as my other half told me the other day that I’m a terrible alarm clock. And he knows what I am like. I don’t mean to be that way it’s just whom I am.

Thankfulness Challenge Day 19

Today I am thankful for time spent with my extended family. They are the greatest of supporters and are always willing to lend a hand whenever they can with whatever they can. At this time with a funeral approaching upon other things I wouldn’t want to share, I’m super grateful for the advice and a super shoulder to cry upon.