So here we go…. 1st C

Hey guys, so let me introduce myself. I’m Loty and I’m currently in a long distance relationship and want to share my highs and lows as we hit nearly 1 year mark! Yeay! So 1st things first the distance, I’m in the UK and he is all the way in the US. I wanted to write a blog to share what we do to pass through the time and stages from the first webcam message to the first kiss and to the hard goodbyes from our 1st meeting. And to also write as i love to do! And also include every day Loty things!

Writing For Days

Hey guys!

I’ve missed blogging lately. Buy I’ve been working on a book as I have 6 months to come up with my first draft! I’m super pumped and excited but it’s super hard yet amazingly awesome to work on writing.

Hope you all have a happy Tuesday!


Midweek Thoughts

I have been looking into the ghastly hurricane to hit Carolina and it’s not looking great. To anyone in that area and around it please stay safe! Thinking of you all and praying for safety.

This week the weather has been strange. Being super hot then super cold but we are getting through it.

Get ready for Autumn/Fall! The leaves are already changing.


Weekend Festivities

So the weekend was great, we celebrated the glass festival and we played bingo in the park, which was super fun.

We had an amazing lemon shakeup and my first Philly cheese steak! I was in love! And who can forget elephant ears!! Oh my gosh they taste amazing and so sweet.

Finally we walked along the bridge to see Elwood At night and let me tell you it looks beautiful.