So here we go…. 1st C

Hey guys, so let me introduce myself. I’m Lyndsey and I’m currently in a long distance relationship and want to share my highs and lows as we hit nearly 1 year mark! Yeay! So 1st things first the distance, I’m in the UK and he is all the way in the US. I wanted to write a blog to share what we do to pass through the time and stages from the first webcam message to the first kiss and to the hard goodbyes from our 1st meeting. And to also write as i love to do! And also include every day Lyndsey things!

My Baby’s Birthday

So my baby turned 27 and we had a really lovely day! We had food ordered in and we had fun watching tv and relaxing!

Apologies for the long delay again, our internet just doesn’t work and only does when we don’t need it to really be like at 2am! πŸ™‚

1 Cent Pillows!! I Kid You Not

So we went to Kmart as we had some cash rewards, we were in need of pillows badly.

We walked around and found a sale on velor pillows for only $2. Bargain!!

Off we went to the counter to find that they were actually only a penny each!! A penny each!!

Four new pillows for only 4 pennies!!

I Missed You All

I’ve missed you all so much. It’s been a strange time, not good family time so I’ve been away from the keyboard and my phone. It’s been nice to spend time just with my better half but I’m telling myself I need to get back into my daily blogging so here goes!! πŸ™‚